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Celebrity anal bleaching

Anal bleaching is one of the latest trends in the cosmetic world. Women have always been eager to enhance their beauty through several techniques. Anal bleaching refers to the bleaching of the area around the anus in order to get rid of any dark pigmentation resulting from a number of biological factors.

Initially, anal bleaching was a concept which was restricted to dancers, strippers, adult movie stars and models who were widely exposed. There were only a handful of salons offering this beauty process in the country. Today, this technique is becoming widely popular amongst housewives, gay men and girlfriends. It has taken a household appeal and a lot of women are rushing to get their anuses bleached in order to enhance their sex appeal.

Anal bleaching has been famous amongst various celebrities since a long time. However, no special creams were manufactured for this process earlier. Those who wanted to undergo this treatment had to face harsh chemicals which could result in side effects. Among several celebrities Courtney Cox and Lara Flynn are two of the most prominent names. Katie Holmes is also said to have gone in for anal bleaching. She however denies it.

Off late a stir was created by Tabitha Stevens, a well known porn star when she appeared on an episode of ‘The Harward Stern Show’. Tabitha advocated the concept of anal bleaching and even asked someone on the sets to apply the cream on her anus.

Anal bleaching seems to have become a rage. Every woman wants to look like a celebrity today. Several men even go ahead and gift their wives and girlfriends beauty packages that offer anal bleaching. This beautification technique is surely hitting the hilt with its widespread popularity and the number of people opting for it is increasing day by day.

With bikini wax being one of the greatest techniques to become hotter, anal bleaching will soon be taking the lead. However, one needs to make sure that the bleaching cream being used is void of any harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone and kojic acid which are largely found in bleaching creams. Several companies have introduced ‘sensitive bleaching creams’ that are safe for your intimate parts.

Anal bleaching is one of the most talked about beauty procedures today. Women don’t only need to portray a glamorous front; they need an equally hot back. The concept of anal bleaching surely proves this. If you want to look like a celebrity you can go in and get your anus bleached. But it is advisable to do it under the supervision of your cosmetologist.

Every woman wants to look like a model. Women love to be admired whether they are at home or in their offices. Anal bleaching gives an instant sparkle to your butt and makes you look younger and highly maintained. So, if you are looking for an instant transformation, go ahead and pamper your tush.

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