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Which Beauty Salons do Anal Bleaching? : News
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Which Beauty Salons do Anal Bleaching?

According to some local research by Willametweek, Anal Bleaching is found at more salons than would care to imagine… its the same old story – you have to ask.

They called 12 local salons and found that only 2 provided the service. Interestingly though none of them actually advertised the fact that they provide the service.

The cost of anal bleaching was found to be around $50 to $75 for one treatment… making the prices some of our anal bleaching product review prices great value for money!

Esser-Thorin from Pink Cheeks (the Mecca of Anal Bleaching salons) – they wax your anus first… ouch! Thats got to hurt (but I will try to get hold of some of the cream to try it out and report back to you).

The rest of the article seems to be making fun of Anal Bleaching, especially the last paragraph, which contains some particularly amusing views:

“There are benefits aplenty! Bleaching one’s own asshole is bettering the lives of people across the nation. Vaginoplasty makes the pussy pop with symmetry (no more mud flaps for us) and our nether regions are hairless—why not have a glistening pucker you can eat a salad off of? We are the cleanest society in the world! Basically, a pure-white bunghole says to the world, “Hey, America! I’m a fine, upstanding citizen. I’m so fabulous, my asshole is happy and no longer the exact hue of roast beef.”

Another skin lightening review coming up as I have just received 60 day Skin Whitening Kit from Skin Light Cosmetics – I’ll report on this soon.

Oct 3, 11:40 am

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  1. I want to know more about this anal bleaching and can we have a sample to try in our clinic

    — lyn Sinanian · 26/05/08 · Link to this comment

  2. I would like to acquire more info re your products
    plse forward on to our email address

    Email on its way. Thanks, Jayne

    — Lyn Sinanian · 08/03/09 · Link to this comment

  3. At salons that offer this service of bleaching; what credentials must a care-giver have in order to do this professionally and if certification is even offered, where might one get certified?

    — frank carron · 19/03/11 · Link to this comment

  4. Could you please tell me more about this procedure?Or if is any video tape that I can watch?Do I need to be certified?I am an esthetician and I would like to add this service to the other services that I do.Somebody asked my about that,and I never heard it till now.
    Thank you

    — GINA · 13/06/11 · Link to this comment



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