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Another brand new product breaking onto the Anal Bleaching scene is Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream. The opening question they ask is “Is there any way of turning my anus more pink or lighter in color?” – a topic that has been the center of discussion around here for the last year.

They begin their sales pitch by mentioning the history of Anal Bleaching and how it came about, Beverly Hills 90210 etc. One part of their pitch was a Harper’s Magazine report stating that there are at least 5 anal bleaches in a Los Angeles salons every day and they cost around $75.00 each – (Can anyone verify this? Leave your comments below)

Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream state that their product will save you the money you would have spent at the salon. It requires no pre waxing of the anus and even state that if used as directed, “anal bleaching”: – is much safer than any universal anaesthetics or other gismos.

The ingredients of Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream are formulated in lower concentrations to allow for easy use without the worries that come with higher concentration products, making it the perfect skin lightener for the vaginal as well as the anal area.

Ingredients: Water, Glyceryl Stearate, Octyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ozokerite, Stearyl Alcohol, Peg 100 Stearate SE, Propylene Glycol, Hydroquinone, Ceteth-20, Lareth-23, Sodium Lauryl, Sulphate, Sodium Metabisulphate, Citric Acid, Dimeticone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, BHT

The ingredients of Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream is easy to apply using fingers rather than a messy applicator. Simply ensure the cream is rubbed well into the entire anal area daily. For the most effective results the manufacturers recommend applying the cream at night to allow for maximum absorption.

When used as directed,
The ingredients of Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream will restore the anal area to a pink or lighter colored appearance – just what the doctor ordered.

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Have you used Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream: [28]

  1. I don’t normally comment on the internet, but I have to admit that this is the best anal bleaching cream I have used to date. The others either don’t work (South Beach Skin Solutions anyone) or they aren’t specifically made for the task at hand. Buy this one – it works.

    — Joaney · 12/07/08 · Link to this comment

  2. DO NOT waste your money on whitening gels. Used them for months and it was like plain moisturizer..

    I am still seeking the best anal/nipple bleach.

    Even if I have go into surgery.

    — AsianF24 · 14/08/08 · Link to this comment

  3. Hi There

    i am concerned about the current discoulration of my anus. I am desperate to revert to my former clean anus, but now it is discolored.

    can you please advise me of the best course of action.

    your Liam

    — Liam · 29/11/08 · Link to this comment

  4. Hi,
    I just received vigala anal bleaching cream three days ago and I can already see results. The only question I have is how long it normally takes to get the desired color? I’ll update everyone on the results soon.

    — me · 19/12/08 · Link to this comment

  5. So far the following I have wasted my money on are ‘Lightening Gel’ from southbeachsolutions, Anal bleaching cream from Divine Derriere.

    Any other asians out there care to mention one that has 100% worked for them??

    — Asian · 30/12/08 · Link to this comment

  6. Ive used Lakshma, South Beach Skin solutions AND Pink Cheeks and it doesnt work! Anyone out there who can tell me if they used those others?

    — Private · 30/04/09 · Link to this comment

  7. it seems to work

    — leo · 11/06/09 · Link to this comment

  8. Apparently devine derreire works, I really want to try it but does anyone know if you need the whole kit or maintnance cream with it in order to work? Or if it works just as good with just the main cream??

    — unknown · 15/01/10 · Link to this comment

  9. Before you buy any products you need to know what ingredient is safe or not. This product contain Hydroquinone which can cause cancer.

    (editor: no mention of cancer causing on Wikipedia, can you send us proof of your claims please)

    — kelly · 02/03/10 · Link to this comment

  10. I’m using esoterica. IT doesnt seem to work, neither does SBSS. Im tempted to buy devine derrierre off ebay. Im hearing alot of excellant reviews. Although i havent really spent alot of time applying esoterica very impatient, & i think that things happen over night

    — That Girl · 13/03/10 · Link to this comment

  11. i just bought devine derrierre 4 days ago it came in and I can already seen results on my bum hole and vagina. It works really good, and I only bought the bleach not the whole kit. I am thinking the that I wont need the kit since my anus is getting lighter every day, and when i started it was dark dark brown, now after 4 days its a light tan color. So im sure after another four days it will be the Pink color i want.

    — brittney · 23/03/10 · Link to this comment

  12. If you are going to bleach or lighten your skin, I suggest you to NOT USE South Beach Skin Solutions & Divine Diveree UNLESS your skin is NOT hyper-pigmented. These products WILL NOT lighten your skin up to a couple of tones lighter.

    I’ve been using “South Beach Skin Solutions” for awhile now, and IT DOES NOT WORK! It does NOTHING to me at all.

    I’ve also tried “Divine Dierre,” and it ALSO DOES NOT WORK! The smell is TOO STRONG & very noticeable.

    I’m still looking for that skin bleach that will WORK.

    — Blah · 15/04/10 · Link to this comment

  13. Yes I too am seeing a very nice change with Divine Derriere after five days. I am using it on my armpits and my anal area and the skin is a nice light tan color too so I think I will see some pretty pink skin very soon. I am very happy that I am seeing some nice results.

    — Marialuz · 16/04/10 · Link to this comment

  14. How much is your anal cream please?

    Thank you.

    — LIZA · 21/06/10 · Link to this comment

  15. What?? Why should we NOT use Divine Derriere if we’re NOT hyperpigmented? I can’t speak for South Beach Skin Solutions, but I am naturally a PRETTY DARK black woman (NOT hyperpigmented; just NATURALLY dark), and Divine Derriere brought my skin to a golden caramel BEYONCE color in TWO WEEKS!! I used to be the color of Alek Wek, and now, I’m the color of Beyonce. AGAIN, I did NOT have hyperpigmentation. I lightened my NATURAL skin color. Divine Derriere has a smell. So what- I LIKE the smell! And even if it smelled like a trash dump, I would use it becauise it WORKS SO WELL!

    — Tanisha · 13/08/10 · Link to this comment

  16. Don’t waste ur money on south beach!I’ve been useing 2 times a day every day for months!I see no change what so even looks darker then befor!

    — liz · 05/01/11 · Link to this comment

  17. To all out there …. Divine Derrier really works , i try all skin bleach out there and nothing seen to work , after 5 days with Divine Derrier and im so happy ……

    — dee · 13/01/11 · Link to this comment

  18. ive been really wanting to try bleaching my private areas for sometime now and i have tried a couple products. medi lighten and one walgreens brand, neither of them worked. now i want to try divine derriere because i see all these supposedly “good” reviews (which i think are just reps posting good reviews so people will buy their product)

    so if anyone from divine derriere reads this can they please PROVE to us how their product really works by posting before and after pictures on their website?? this shouldnt be too hard for you guys to do.

    thanks a bunch

    — stormy · 08/02/11 · Link to this comment

  19. Ive tried:
    South Beach Skin Solutions
    Devine Derriere AND

    I use them one by one of course, and apply till the bottle is empty.
    I have Mediterranean features, not even black.. what am I doing wrong? It makes zero difference and takes a lot of effort and discomfort to have this application process for zero results and my money gone!

    — -frustrated · 30/03/11 · Link to this comment

  20. In response to “Stormy,” the last person who posted:

    Stormy, I am the Assistant Mangager of Operations for Divine Derriere. I came across this site while running a search on Divine Derriere in Google.

    As far as your comment about our reps posting good reviews so that people will buy our products, here’s my response: we sell our products on eBay, under the seller ID “divinederriere”. You are more than welcome to check our ebay feedback from actual customers, who attest to the efficacy of our products. If we were in the habit of bidding on our own products on ebay, and leaving positive feedback for ourselves, eBay would have caught us, and banned us, long ago.

    You ask for before and after pictures on our site, and you say that it “shouldn’t be too hard for us to do,” but given the nature of the products that we are selling, we make all attempts to keep our site’s content as inoffensive as possible, so that our customers will never feel uncomfortable while viewing our site. We’ve made all attempts to keep out any crass and/or vulgar content, and we feel that we’ve done a very good job of that.

    However, if YOU would be willing to submit before and after photos of your private areas for everyone to see, then please let us know. As you can now probably imagine, it IS “too hard for us to do.” We are not aware of anyone who is willing to have such photos of themselves posted on the internet.

    As I stated, we cannot post such photos on our site, because we try to maintain a certain degree of professionalism.

    Here’s my offer: purchase our products, use them, take before and after photos of your private areas, post these photos on the internet, come back to this forum and provide everyone with the URL link so that they can see your photos, and then contact us at and tell us that you’ve done all of the above, and provide us with the link. We will then be more than happy to give you a full refund, including your shipping cost, as a gesture of our gratitude to you for proving that Divine Derriere is the most effective skin bleaching system available in the world.

    — Erika Gifford · 30/03/11 · Link to this comment

  21. divinederriere product contain Hydroquinone which can cause cancer!!!
    Hydroquinone is extremely dangerous and may lead to the development of cancer. It has already been banned in countries like the U.K. and France, and Dr. Jacobs of the F.D.A. has concluded that Hydroquinone is mutagenic, clastogenic, and immunotoxic.

    — nimi · 16/05/11 · Link to this comment

  22. Hey there. I’m not a rep for Devine Derriere and wanted to throw my own comment on here. I’ve been using the product for about a week around my lips, under arms, inner legs and my “oh-la-la” area and I think it’s working. My skin was very dark on my face and now it looks very light and attractive, and my under areas are looking nice and tan instead of dark brown. If “tan” is all I get, I’m cool with that because it’s better than before.

    So I say for $30, it’s worth a try girls :)

    — Andie · 16/05/11 · Link to this comment

  23. I purchased Caspah and Divine Derriere and have been using DD on and off for a few months now and have seen a change. I am using on my labia, anus. It seems to be working nicely when I use it. It has bleached my anus the most, my labia is still dark but lighter than it was. I definitely feel more confident about my cooch. I have begun to use it more consistently and I think that is key in the process. It does smell strong but like another lady said, so what. I thought about using it in conjunction with the Caspah cream, to create a super cream but haven’t done that yet. I am not a rep from their company, just a 23 year old woman who’s insecure about her lady parts. I hope it continues to keep working. My as*h*le is pink too. It was tan and then turned pink. I want my lady lips to do the same.

    — Jules · 29/06/11 · Link to this comment

  24. i want it in oakistan from where i get it

    Order direct from "Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream": - they ship to Pakistan

    — sara · 16/07/11 · Link to this comment

  25. I’m really tickled by Erika Gifford asking a potential customer to post before and after pics after PAYING for the product. Everyone knows people who submit pics for products always get it for free and are sometimes paid. You seem mad she asked for pics. $30 or not, it’s her money. I know a lot of these comments are reps. It’s obvious. Hydroquinone is also not known to cause cancer, and used by dermatologists daily.

    Editor: We will actually pay for before and after pics if anyone is willing to send them in. Your identity will remain anonymous.

    — Laughing · 15/08/11 · Link to this comment

  26. I have not tried anal bleach, but my girlfriend has. Shes way too shy to get on here and talk about it lol. Personally she uses it makes her feel more sexy and appealing to me. I think that most women are using it to impress their men, and get that “adult” look and style. Through out the application she mentioned that is was really comfortable, not what she expected. It also says you can use it on other “lady parts,” but we dont really need to go that far. On the whole (haha) it seems like a real solid product, good price, and dependable results. Ladies get check it out.

    — bert · 04/09/11 · Link to this comment

  27. I have used Divine Derriere for more than a month,and i do not have dark completion but it did not work for me.i had a very high expectation but it brought me a huge disappointment.I have heard of Caspah,but i am afraid whether it will work for me :(

    — Marsha · 08/03/12 · Link to this comment

  28. hi, i am really interested in trying this product and would be willing to post before and after pictures as long as i remain anonimous i want to lighten my nipples anal area and vagina as well as armpits maybe. im really insecure about the dark pigmentation and really want to lighten the color. please reply with an answer yes or no

    — anonymous · 20/09/12 · Link to this comment



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