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What is anal bleaching? : What Is Anal Bleaching
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What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is considered a cosmetic procedure for women. It became popular when news spread that Hollywood A-listers, models, and adult movie stars undergo this procedure to enhance the overall appearance of their behinds. It may sound foreign or silly to some, but this procedure is totally out there and is in high demand among the general public.

Is bleaching your bum going to make your anal region lighter and fairer? This is one of the biggest questions that curious women may have regarding anal bleaching. This technique hasn’t been around that long compared to other intimate cosmetic procedure such as waxing and hair removal, but it is rather growing in popularity as more women are getting more and more aware of bodily flaws and imperfections. There is nothing wrong with wishing you were fairer, or slimmer, or had smoother, flawless skin.
However there are boundaries that need to be considered and there are parts of the body that should be left undisturbed by chemicals and procedures that may cause potential harm and negative impact on your well being and overall health.

Is anal bleaching a sign that women of today are becoming vain more than ever? Is this procedure even worth it? And how is it done anyways? This article hopes to shed some light on the hottest cosmetic procedure among a lot of women nowadays- anal bleaching.

What is anal bleaching?
Basically anal bleaching or butt bleaching is a cosmetic process wherein the surrounding skin region of the external anus is bleached or lightened significantly. Majority of people have dark anal regions, and this is considered by many specialists as normal appearance, condition, or occurrence. Not unless the dark pigmentation around your butt is causing discomfort or pain, this discoloration is considered as fine and typical.

During butt bleaching, the discoloration is lightened by the application of bleaching agents directly onto the dark skin area. Ass bleaching is usually done after a Brazilian wax. It is necessary to have your butt region shaved, or ideally waxed prior to ass bleaching in order to prevent discoloration of the pubic hairs too. In addition, doctors who perform anal bleaching will need to see the extent of discoloration to diagnose how many treatments a patient need to undergo to achieve desired results.

Chemical bleaching agents such as hydroquinone is known to be the primary ingredient of creams that used to lighten the anal area. According to several studies, hydroquinone is identified to be carcinogenic and toxic as well. It can produce several medical conditions if it is being utilized for a long period of time. Hydroquinone is even considered to cause the opposite of skin lightening in rare cases. This is due to the fact that this chemical is rather strong and not designed to be used in delicate areas such as in the vagina and in the anal region.

There are also clinics and beauty spas that carry anal bleaching agents that feature a lighter formula than hydroquinone. Clinics have gone to manufacture creams for commercial use. These creams are known to be of lighter formula, thus decreasing the chances of skin irritation and allergies.

How long is a butt bleaching procedure?
Anal bleaching, if done by professionals and cosmetic dermatologists, are known to last 20 minutes. This time period still not includes Brazilian waxing, which can take 20 minutes to finish as well. In between procedures, the skin is given a time to relax from the torturous and often painful waxing process. After a couple of minutes, the anal region is prepared for the application of bleach.

Again, clinics have their own ass bleaching formula with different hydroquinone concentration. The stronger concentration of bleaching agents may mean faster results, while milder anal bleaching solutions may mean that you need to purchase at-home bleaching agents in between clinic butt bleaching sessions.

How much is a butt bleaching procedure?
Unlike other intimate cosmetic procedure, anal bleaching is actually very cheap and affordable. This is probably one of the reasons why more and more women would like to try out butt bleaching. A single session is known to be well under $100, not bad if the guarantee is a lighter skin and evenly toned butt area.

At home ass bleaching creams cost $10-$25 a tub. Since there are hundreds of anal bleaching products in the market today, manufacturers were able to create the more premium formula, those that promise less side effects and optimum whitening results.

Is butt bleaching worth it?
Well, for the movie stars and ordinary women who have tried it and have been successful in getting the skin in their butt region lighter and even out, anal bleaching is undeniable a highly recommended procedure. However not everyone has the same reaction to bleaching agents. Some are highly sensitive to bleaching chemicals and may develop allergies upon contact. In this case, medical intervention may be necessary to alleviate the discomfort and burning sensation felt by the patient.

There are also instances when the function of the anal sphincter is severely affected by the chemical used for anal bleaching. If you notice a change in your bowel movement or scars and lesions have developed after anal bleaching, it is best to consult a dermatologist to have it checked.

Anal bleaching is not for everybody. However, if your main goal is to attain overall light skin and flawless complexion, anal bleaching may well be a good option for you. Just remember that procedures that involve the use of harsh chemicals pose various health risks and side effects. If you are willing to take these, there’s really no one stopping you from achieving total colo-rectal beauty.

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