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Natural Skin Lightening System : Product Reviews
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Natural Skin Lightening System

The Natural Skin Lightening System is a dermatological product developed to gradually lighten the skin’s colour naturally. The system also can also work to fade discolourations and hyper-pigmentations like age spots, liver spots, freckles or skin pigmentation that may occur during pregnancy, from exposure to sun, or from the use of oral contraceptives.

The Skin Lightening Cream contains safe, naturally derived ingredients such as asefitida extract, and Vitamin C and unlike most other skin lightening products available on the market, the Skin Lightening System does not contain harmful hydroqquinone, a synthetically-made skin lightening ingredient.

Hydroquinone use in products is banned in many European countries because of concern over its safety record. We therefore strongly advise against the use of any skin lightening products containing hydroquinone.

In order to achieve maximum results, the Natural Skin Lightening System is made up of two products which work together to achieve results which are greatly enhanced compared to using a single stand-alone skin lightening product.

Skin Lightening Cream
Skin Lightening Cream contains a high concentration of two skin lighteners derived from natural sources: kojic acid ester (from Japanese mushrooms) and Asefitida extract (a herbal plant from India). Skin Lightening Cream also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which speed up the lightening process by exfoliating the external dead layers of the skin.

Ultra C Serum
It is well known that Vitamin C, at 10% concentration, helps reduce the formation of melanin, the compound responsible for skin colouring. Ultra C Serum used in conjunction with the Skin Lightening Cream enhances the skin lightening action giving a better result that using either product on its own.

How long does each product take to work?
This is dependant on each individual’s skin condition, but results generally should be noticeable within 3-8 weeks of daily use. 90% of users, who use the product as directed, should see results after 90 days.

How long do I keep using skin lightening system?
Use the Skin Lightening System until the desired result is achieved. After this time, use a few times per week to maintain the appearance.

Should I feel a sensation when using the skin lightening system?
Some individuals may feel a slight tingling or slight burning sensation after applying the Lightening Cream. This is because the cream contains alpha hydroxy acids. If excessive irritation occurs we advise that you discontinue use.

How does the Skin Whitening System work?
The Skin Whitening System works by inhibiting the body’s production of melanin, As the skin is renewed approximately every 28 days, the new skin comes through lighter in colour.

Is it safe to use over a long period of time?
Yes, as the Skin Whitening System is made using natural ingredients it is safe to use for as long as you want to.

How can I speed up the results?
The Skin Whitening System works instantly to inhibit the melanin production. The reason it can take time to see a difference is because you have to wait for your skin to renew itself in order for the new lighter skin underneath to become visible. Using an exfoliator like the Microdermabrasion Cream or the Glycolic Exfoliation Wash will speed up the results. This is because these products exfoliate the dead skin cells and reveal the new lighter skin more quickly.

Can the System be used on dark marks left by spots.?
Yes it can.

Is it safe to go out in the sun while using the System?
It is completely safe to go out in the sun whilst using the Skin Whitening System but we do strongly recommend that you use a sun protection cream of factor 30 or more. This is because the UVA and UVB rays of the sun activate the melanin, the natural ingredient produced by your body which causes the skin to darken as protection for the skin cells. In effect going out in the sun will make you tan which will have the opposite effect of the Skin Whitening System. Using a sun protection cream will help halt this process.

How often do I need to apply the System?
Apply the System morning and evening. After cleansing your face apply the Whitening Cream, then apply a sun protection cream. In the evening after cleansing your face apply the Whitening Cream followed by the Ultra C Vitamin C’ Serum.

Can I use make-up over the System?
Yes, make-up can be applied over the Skin Whitening System.

Can the Skin Whitening System be used on any skin colour or skin type?
Yes, whatever your skin colour or type you can use the Skin Whitening System.

I have uneven skin tone on my body what should I use?
To even up skin tone on your body or to lighten overall body colour we would recommend that you use the Body Whitening System.

So there you go – most of your questions should have been answered with this very comprehenisve FAQ listing – so its time for you to test either the 30 days lightening system, or the 60 days whitening system or the extra strong 30 day whitening system, or the extra strong 60 day whitening system and let us know how it goes for you.

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Your Comments: [5]

  1. iam based in south Africa and i would like to know if i can find this product here

    — Tracy Kamanga · 02/06/08 · Link to this comment

  2. Hi Tracy – I have searched and not been able to find anywhere which sells the product in South Africa, but I’m sure they will ship to South Africa. Although I’m not sure which would be cheaper, buying from Europe or the USA.

    — Karen · 15/07/08 · Link to this comment

  3. i am just wondering if this product can be applied to the vaginal and anal areas

    — marlene batti · 11/09/08 · Link to this comment

  4. Good question Marlene, something I am interested in too – its does say “Skin Lightening System does not contain hydroqquinone, a synthetic skin lightening ingredient. Because of safety concerns involving hydroquinone, products containing hydroquinone are banned in many European countries. Because of safety issues we would not use or recommend skin lightening products containing hydroquinone.” – but to be safe I have sent an email to Skincare to find out.

    — claire · 12/09/08 · Link to this comment

  5. iam based in south Africa and i would like to know if i can find this product here

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    Sorry Kacula, the cloest place I know is the Skin Light in the UK - that is where other South African readers have been buying.

    You could always buy your Anal Bleaching Cream in Bulk and start selling in South Africa - I think there will be a few people interested

    — kachulu · 02/03/09 · Link to this comment




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